Deliciously sweet and strikingly different

The strassberry most resembles a small raspberry in appearance. Nevertheless, it is a distinct variety of the strawberry and shares its well-known sweet taste. The colour is dark red and the fruit has deep-set seeds. This distinctive variety stimulates consumers' curiosity and amateur chefs' creativity.


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Growing and harvesting


The strassberry is a natural cross between two strawberry varieties. The fruits are always carefully picked by hand and go straight from the plant into their consumer packaging. After packing, they arrive at Berries Pride within 24 hours.

Packaging options

Also tailor-made

We package this exclusive fruit in an EAT ME tray to protect the berries as well as possible. The trays are filled with 125 grams of strasberries.

We also offer customised packaging. Please discuss possible solutions with our buyer, Eline Kampert.

We continuously innovate and focus on sustainability. That is why we will soon be introducing a sustainable packaging line for all our berries. Learn more? Our newsletter will keep you informed.

Storage advice

For the best strassberry taste

  • Transport Refrigerated storage and transport are essential. Strassberries prefer a temperature between 2 and 4˚C.
  • The perfect location to maintain quality in-store is the refrigerated section.

Nutritional value

Per 100 grams

Energy: 29 kcal/123kJ. Fat: 0.0g saturated fatty acids 0.0g. Carbohydrates: 5.1g. Protein: 0.7g. Salt: <0.01g. Dietary fibre: 1.1g. Vitamin C 75% 60 mg.

Strassberries are rich in vitamin C, which contributes to a good energy balance in our body. Our bones, teeth, hair and skin also benefit from sufficient vitamin C.

29 kcal
0g fat
5.1g sugars
1.1g fibre


Inspiration & tips

Exclusive luxury
Thanks to their exclusive character and special shape, strassberries are especially popular with amateur chefs. They are real eye-catchers at dinner parties for special occasions. The fruit is excellent for decorating plates with culinary delights and wonderful desserts. Consumers can let their imagination run wild with strassberries. You can find inspiration at: