A delicacy in any season

The strawberry is a sweet-tasting classic that will seduces almost any consumer. They carry their seeds on the outside and have a recognisable fresh green crown. We supply strawberries year-round from countries around the Mediterranean, and from the Netherlands thanks to cultivation in greenhouses. Our strawberries are available year-round, not just in summer.


  • Good available
  • Available
  • Little availability
Country Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Spain Spain Available Good availability Good availability Good availability Available Low availability Low availability
Morocco Morocco Available Good availability Available Low availability Low availability
Netherlands Netherlands Low availability Low availability Available Good availability Good availability Good availability Available Good availability Available Good availability Low availability Low availability
Egypt Egypt Good availability Available Good availability

Growing and harvesting


The strawberry belongs to the (large) rose family, just like the raspberry. Strawberry plants propagate through offshoots from the mother plant. These offshoots then form new plants. After propagation, the strawberry plants are planted. Depending on the climate, this is done in the open ground or in containers in the greenhouse.

Our strawberries are always carefully picked by hand. Each fruit goes straight from the plant into its consumer packaging. After the quality selection, the packaged strawberries are placed in transport boxes and immediately sent on their way to Berries Pride.

Packaging options

Top quality berries in top quality packaging

EAT ME is our consumer brand through which we inspire consumers to enjoy the tastiest fruits and vegetables more often and with a good feeling. Our strawberries have an extensive range of eye-catching  EAT ME packaging. All packaging has been developed with care for people & nature:

  • Recycled punnet topseal: 250g, 400g
  • Recycled punnet lid: 250g, 400g
  • Mono cardboard punnet: 500g
  • Mono cardboard box: 1kg

Want to know more about our EAT ME packaging or are you curious about customised solutions?  Elwin Boshoven will be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Storage advice

For the tastiest strawberries

  • Refrigerated storage is essential. Strawberries prefer a temperature between 2 and 4˚C.
  • The perfect location in-store is the refrigerator.

Nutritional value

Per 100 grams

Energy: 29 kcal/123kJ. Fat: 0.0g saturated fatty acids 0.0g. Carbohydrates: 5.1g. Protein: 0.7g. Salt: <0.01g. Dietary fibre: 1.1g. Vitamin C 75% 60 mg.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which contributes to a good energy balance in our body. Our bones, teeth, hair and skin also benefit from sufficient vitamin C.

1.1g fibre
0.0g fat
5.1g sugar
29 kcal


Inspiration & tips

Traditional or surprising
The strawberry plays the starring role in countless recipes. This sweet summer fruit can be enjoyed as a snack, or in a classic combination with ice cream and whipped cream. There are also many surprising flavour combination options. Have you ever tried strawberries in a savory dish? Marinated in aged balsamic vinegar, in Parma ham rolls or with tuna tartare. Get inspired at:

Elwin Boshoven

Buyer strawberries

“The perfect strawberry is a matter of expertise and timing.”

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